SPTS/MPTS MPEG2 Transport Stream module có hỗ trợ H.264
Model: TSP120
Giá bán: Call
Đặt hàng trước 60 ngày

215Mbps Transport Stream Processor Module with ASI interfaces.  DVB/ATSC/ISDB/DC-II compliant. Includes TR101290, PIDBWServ, PCRJitter, PacketInterval, SI Tables, IPoverMPE, BWServ, On-AirService Validation, 256MBStreamCapture.  VideoThumbnails, Blackout and freeze-framedetection for H.264 and MPEG-2 services. 3xBNC(ASIA,ASIB,ASIC),1xRJ45(Forward),1xRJ50(SerialOut). One ASI port and IP forward port is enabled as standard package. 3x ASI router is a factory option.
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