Two Window Video Picture-in-Picture Processor
Model: PIP 422
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 - Inputs: Two fully configurable inputs with buffered loop-throughs on BNCs; accepts component video, S-video, or composite video input signals
 - Outputs: Simultaneous output of component video, S-video, and composite video on BNCs
 - Two window simultaneous display — The PIP 422 displays two windows within the same screen.
 - Three-way video transcoding with simultaneous output of component video, S-video, and composite video — Allows for flexibility and fast, easy integration into any video display system, as well as video recording or simultaneous distribution to multiple displays.
 - 10 memory presets for saving and recalling window configurations — The PIP 422 features 10 memory presets with factory-loaded picture-in-picture window configurations, which can be customized to save configurations and recall size, positioning, and priority for all windows.
 - Image freeze control — A picture-in-picture window can be frozen via the front panel or RS-232 or RS-422 control, enabling video frames to be captured and displayed for extended periods of time.
 - Picture controls for each window including color, tint, brightness, contrast, and detail
 - Window transition effects including cut, dissolve, and wipe — For professional quality presentations, windows can be transitioned into and out of the image using a cut, dissolve, or wipe effect.
 - Swap mode exchanges configuration settings - sizing, positioning, overlay priority - between the two windows
 - Customizable background and border colors — Any of eight colors can be selected for the background and window borders.
 - Picture-in-picture window controls for positioning, sizing, zoom, and overlay priority
 - Text overlay for window caption labeling — Each picture-in-picture window can be labeled with text of up to 16 characters, through RS-232 or RS-422 control.
 - RS-232 and RS-422 control port — Using serial commands, the PIP 422 can be controlled and configured via the Extron Windows®-based control program, or integrated into a control system. Extron products use the SIS™ - Simple Instruction Set command protocol, a set of basic ASCII code commands that allow for quick and easy programming.
 - Front panel security lockout — This feature locks out all front panel functions except for input selection; all functions, however, remain active through RS-232 or RS-422 control.
 - Rack-mountable 1U, full rack width metal enclosure
 - Internal universal power supply — The 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, international power supply provides worldwide power compatibility.
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