Enhanced Skew-Free™ AV UTP Cables for Extron VT, MTP, and TP Series Analog Twisted Pair Products
Model: Skew-Free UTP-P/1000
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Tính năng:
• Engineered for use with Extron VT, MTP, and TP Series analog twisted pair products — This patent pending cable is designed exclusively for systems utilizing Extron analog twisted pair transmitters, receivers, switchers, and distribution amplifiers
• Eliminates skew or time delays of signals — Extron Enhanced Skew-Free cable incorporates an exclusive patent pending design that eliminates the skew or time delay of signals, and increases overall isolation performance for reduced crosstalk, ensuring minimal distortion and improved signal integrity and picture quality.
• Four 23 AWG unshielded twisted pairs — This cable features four color-coded, unshielded twisted pairs of 23 AWG conductors. A fraction of the size of coaxial cable, this space-efficient cable is flexible and easy to pull.
• Plenum rated versions — NEC-CMP plenum-rated SuperFlex jacket. Plenum-rated cable is for use in open air spaces without conduit, thereby reducing installation cost, where National Electric Code CMP cable must be installed.
• Chiều dài mỗi cuộn là 300 m
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