Prosumer Tripod System chịu được camera có cân nặng đến 4kg -H805 75mm Ball với Middle Brace & RF-1 Foot
Model: j-805MX
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- Hỗ trợ camera cân nặng đến (4kg)
- Offers an optimum solution for small and high performance MiniHD camcorders
- Includes a single stage, lightweight (9.1 lb / 4.12kg) aluminum tripod that can be adjusted to a height ranging from 34.2" to 59" (86.8 - 149.8 cm)
- Includes a middle spreader that offers 45° and 90° positions and holds the tripod legs in position providing augmented stability and rigidity
- Provides fixed counter balance and drag via the 805 head
- 805 standard head integrates a convenient standard leveling base with 75mm ball diameter
- Allows tilt angles of +90° / -60°
- Provides camera mounting via quick release slide plate
Tiêu chuẩn kỹ thuật:
 - Payload          Approx. 8.8 lb (4kg)
 - Tilt Angle       +90° / -60°
 - Counterbalance           Fix
 - Drag Control   Fix
 - Plate  Camera plate: Quick release slide plate
 - Plate attachment: 1/4 screw with video pin
 - Weight           8.8 lb (4kg)
 - Height            34.2-59" (82-158cm)
 - Ball Diameter  75mm
 - Sections         1 stage
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